Welcome to Dunes of Panama!

This is the Homeowners Association website for buildings B, C, D, E, and Facilities Corporation. This website has Important information for every owner.

Homeowner Association

Each of the buildings are separate condominiums located on their own individual property. There are easements that allow traffic from property to property. Each has separate documents, budgets, directors, and fees. The Facilities Corporation owns the property at the entrance, tennis courts, and pool decks. Every owner pays a maintenance fee to their building and a fee to Facilities Corporation. Dunes of Panama Management Association (DOPMA) is the management entity for the Associations and Facilities. DOPMA also operates a rental program. The office for the Associations and DOPMA rental program is located in Building C. The office number is 850-234-8839 or 800-874-2412. The website for DOPMA is www.dunesofpanama.com

Andrew Street is the General Manager for DOPMA operations astreet@dunesofpanama.com, Joyce Hall is the rental manager jhall@dunesofpanama.com, Tonya Clay is our accountant. Tonya works remote and can be reached by email tclay@dunesofpanama.com. Bethany Stokes is on site accounting and administration bstokes@dunesofpanama.com. Richard Simpson is the maintenance supervisor 850-527-4353.